Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Reality TV

The other day I was watching The Amazing Race on the ol' idiot box (OK, there was nothing else's on alright). I've come to realize that it has got to be the dumbest show there is.

Throughout the race, the couples are always fighting and pissing each other off and then once they are eliminated they kiss and make up. There is kinda what I mean.

Jill: Why is the taxi driver driving so slow. Tom make him drive faster.
Tom: And how am I supposed to do that.
Jill: God, you're useless.
Tom: Fine, (turns to driver) hey buddy hurry it up.
Jill: What the f*** are you doing? That isn't going to work. Great, now we're in last place, I hope you are happy.
Tom: Yeah, that's it, this is all my fault. If it weren't for me, you would be completely lost.
Jill: F*** off, ok.

(Half hour later they make it to the Pit Stop)

Host: Tom, Jill, you are the last team to arrive and are eliminated for the race.
Tom: Well, we gave it our best and the important part is that we did it together. I'm really proud of her.

(Insert pathetic love scene here)

You can see what I mean now. These couples completely bicker the whole time and then fall back in love at the drop of a dime. It makes no sense.

This really pissed me off a couple, who had been getting on each others nerves the whole freakin' time was eliminated. THE GUY PROPOSED TO HER! Hey buddy, this is the girl that called you an asshole the entire time. Are you sure you want her calling you an asshole the rest of your life? Give it a ponder.

Now, I know most of you will say "well, reality shows are stupid anyway." My point here is that at least most reality shows make sense. The Amazing Race makes no senses whatsoever. You can't hate someone one minute and love them the next. Life doesn't work that way.

Well, those are my thoughts and speaking of things that don't make sense, I'm off to watch the latest news on the NHL CBA. Later

-Brother Punk-


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